DesignFX FAQs

1. Do I need to use heat or any special lamps to apply DesignFX?
No heat or light system is needed! Because of its superior adhesion properties, DesignFX will remain secure on your clients’ natural nails for up to a week, and up to two weeks with Dashing Diva Gelife Polish-On Soak-Off Base and Top Gel.

2. How can I get the longest wear time from DesignFX?
First, ensure that the natural nails and cuticle area are properly prepped with all attached skin removed from the nail plate. When cleansing the nail, use alcohol that’s at least 90% pure. The applique's are pressure sensitive, so for optimal adhesion, make sure to smooth out DesignFX throughout the application process. To achieve longer wear time, apply Gelife Polish-On Soak-Off Base and Top Gel over the DesignFX. With a Gelife overlay, DesignFX will last up to 2 weeks!

3. How do I remove DesignFX?
Removing DesignFX is a simple peel-away process that requires no soaking, even if Gelife Polish-On Soak-Off Gel was applied over the applique's! First, apply cuticle oil around the nail plate. Then, starting at the side cuticle area, gently lift and push under the DesignFX with a manicure stick until fully removed. Wipe away any sticky residue with cotton and acetone.

4. With what other products can I use DesignFX?
You can use DesignFX over dried polish, between soak-off gel polishes, and on top of acrylics or traditional gel. However, best results are always achieved when applied directly to the natural nail surface. If applying over other overlays, leave the surface slightly rough, finished with a 240-grit file. Due to the curve/shape created from the added layers of product, it may be challenging to fully smooth out the applique' completely on top of the overlay. In these cases, as an alternative, try custom-cutting designs instead of using the entire applique'. Then apply a layer of our Gelife Polish-On Soak-Off Base and Top Gel, curing in between layers.

5. How can DesignFX help my salon business?
DesignFX’s versatility and value provide new opportunities to grow business and revenue! The applique's can be introduced to any type of client as a new service or current service upgrade, providing more up-sell opportunities. Traditional tastes can add a simple accent nail or French design. Those wanting more flash and flair can be provided an entire manicure with mix-matched, custom-cut Bling designs.
As far as dollar investment, because no special equipment is needed, the start-up costs are low. And with more applique's per package than similar products, you get more value for your money. The fast and simple application process can be easily mastered by technicians, and the no-soak removal has mass appeal to clients!

6. Aren’t there similar nail applique's available direct-to-consumers in the retail market? If so, why would my clients be interested in a DesignFX service?
There will always be products in the retail market that mimic salon products -- and with design trends dominating the beauty industry, it’s inevitable that similar designs will emerge. Fortunately for professionals, it’s your skill and knowledge that define your value, rather than the product alone.
As clients come to your salon to receive the expert care, education and results that you can provide, we want you to be equipped with the latest trends to provide the looks people are seeking. Though consumers could paint their nails at home with the same color lacquer you have in your salon, they would not be able to replicate the service, results or creativity that you bring to the product.
In addition, just as similar looking items within fashion or cell phones are not created equal, you will often discover a professional quality and service differences behind the products we provide, compared with others in the market. You can always write us or come to one of our events to learn more!

Have additional questions regarding DesignFX? Please email us at designfx@dashingdivapro.com.